Coachella is one of the largest music festivals located in Indio, California. The event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures. Across the grounds, stages continuously host live music.

This year not only did fans and celebrities get to party and listen to their favorite artists, but for someone (no stranger to the stage) dreams officially came true. As I shared in one of my posts, Madonna has made it no secret on her feelings regarding rapper Drake. Confident in her cougar ways, Madonna told New York Daily News,

“Most men my age are married with children. They’re not datable. I’m a very adventurous person and I also have a crazy life. I’m a single mother. I have four children. I mean, you have to be pretty open-minded and adventurous to want to step into my world,”


Is Drake the next official fling? I guess we now all have to wait and see!

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As we know, Sunday is always the night we get to connect with our favorite Reality TV family. With season 10 being as hectic as ever; it wasn’t until last night that I got alarmed. Youngest of the family, Kylie Jenner had her first real appearance on the show, and let me tell you it definitely was full of surprises. Not only was she incredibly cold hearted and rude to her mother Kris Jenner throughout the episode, but her face was totally distorted. I know plastic surgery and lip injections aren’t a new topic involving this teenager, but her Instagram posts haven’t given the work justice.


Her upper lip barely moves when she speaks, her cheekbones are more than just a bomb application of contouring; this 17-year-old girl looks like she’s going on almost 30. With destruction being no stranger to young adults growing up in the limelight, I hope for the family that Kylie is able to tame this new phase.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you guys notice the difference as well? if you missed this episode, you can watch it on IO demand, channel E!

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For my group blog we’re discussing how the experience of being a student at Pace University differentiates depending on one simple component: if you’re a resident or a commuter on campus.

I myself, am I commuter and will be one of the main voices expressing that point of view. For my storyboard below, I shared my journey on how I got here!

Hope you enjoy my extremely unique (or horrible) drawings!


Trouble in Paradise

Looks like on and off again couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have officially called it quits (for the 3rd time) after his unfaithful reputation became reality in their relationship. Not only did he rekindle his romance with mega star Rihanna when they collaborated artistically for her album Unapologetic in 2012, but be now has become a father while they were still officially an item. She opened up to Iyanla Vanzant in an Oprah Winfrey Network interview, stating

“I feel hurt because the man I loved betrayed me. I will never again let a man disrespect me,” she told Vanzant through tears.

“I want my voice to be heard…I want to clear it up and tell my story and tell my side.”

TMZ reported that the mother of his new baby girl Royalty goes by the name Nia Amey, but real name is Nia Gonzalez. She and Chris are not together romantically, but they’ve been friends for several years and currently on good terms with each other.

With Tran feeling distraught, she still admitted that she loves him.

“I still love him. I’ve changed to help him—go to church, pray, yoga, meditate—if he were to change, we would be in a better place, but that’s the problem,” she explained.  “He did give me love. Maybe it wasn’t the right love or the same level but he’s a product of his environment growing up. There’s no doubt in my mind that Chris loves me. I know he does.”

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It seems like Calvin Harris has got a thing for blondes that can sing! Reported last dating R&B singer Rita Ora, Harris is now potentially heating up with pop queen Taylor Swift. Spotted getting cozy at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville, TN, both Harris and Swift weren’t shy to show affection in the swamp of the country crowd. Holding hands and wrapping arms, the new spotted couple definitely made sure to mark their territory. Lastly spoken to E! News, Swift stated

“I found a place in my life that feels really great and I’m not willing to compromise that for just anyone, and so, you can paraphrase that all you want into something very extreme, but they make what I say extreme no matter what I say. I’m really happy about the fact that being single doesn’t feel like being alone,”

“I have love in my life, I just don’t have a relationship, and that feels really natural right now.”



Did Taylor Swift have a change of heart? We shall wait and see as this new relationship unravels in front of the medias eyes. Hopefully that won’t be the sabotage of it. #TeamSwift


If there’s been one thing in the media that has been consistent lately, it’s the coverage on Bruce Jenner and the rumors of him having a sex change. With the Olympic gold medalist and his Reality TV well-known Kardashian family not commenting, the rumors have been currently unanswered. Us weekly decided to put an end to the curiosity, however not in a legal or trustworthy manner. They reported that Kendall Jenner, Bruce’s daughter stated

“He’s a wonderful man. And just because he’s changing shoes now, so to speak, doesn’t make him less wonderful. I will always love my dad, whether he’s a man or a woman.”

But the superstar model didn’t let them get away with those false accusations. She later tweeted

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.27.13 PM

With still no comments regarding Jenner’s sex change, E! revealed that they are working on a documentary with Jenner. Guess this family wants to keep some secrets from their constant publicize lives in the media. Time will only tell if these rumors are true. We will have to wait until then!


Looks like her new album isn’t the only thing megastar Madonna is opening up about to the media lately. Revealing her thoughts and experiences on marriage, Madonna stated that

“I have found marriages don’t last if you share bathrooms,”

“The best thing about being single is there’s no one to throw out of the bathroom when I want privacy.”

Not stopping there, Madonna continued saying that the least thing she misses about being married is being called “the wife.” In her own words, it’s “the worst.” Revealing her lifelong ambition, the Rebel Heart artist confessed it would be to go on a dream date with 28-year-old rapper Drake and only kiss him. I guess her dream may be closer to reality than she thinks, since rapper Drake wrote a song about her on his latest album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” Do we spy a new future fling? We shall see!

By: Alexis Carson