Love is in the air..

Or more like Kim Kardashian’s booty. Just three months after her headline making spread in Paper magazine was released, Kim Kardashian continues her task on “Breaking the Internet” and posing nude for the UK’s Love Magazine. Shooting for 3 days straight in a motel in LA, the socialite created a 30+ spread for the magazine. Not being the only one to shine in the family, both half sisters Kendall and Kylie were issued as well. Can we say the Kardashian’s are slowly taking over the UK? I think so!

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One thought on “Love is in the air..”

  1. Hello!
    I find Kim Kardashian “breaking the internet” quite funny. Even though I watch the show how can people have so much interest in the Kardashians lives. One of the articles that you posted in this blog was asking, Kim is that you? I agree have you ever looked at her picture from before she was famous, it looks like a completely different person. I think the Kardashian were able to become so famous largely due to social media as well. People are able to follow every aspect of their lives, the tv show, twitter, Instagram, in magazines, on commercials! And now like you said, in the UK as well.


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